Asylum 94 Productions started as a bunch of podcast listeners and friends that thought it would be a great idea to start making one or two of their own. Through prodding and pushing each other, we’ve now written over two dozen scripts, produced several hours of audio, and piqued the interest of friends, family, and followers.

Asylum 94 Productions is homeported out of eastern Massachusetts and is
currently staffed with people from around New England. To learn more of our story, click here!

What Is It
That We Do?

We are a fledgling company that not only writes and produces podcasts in-house, but will also work with other writers, producers, and creators to bring their project to life. We aim to:

  • Script your ideas
  • Produce your existing script
  • List and launch your podcast

Script Development

We will assist in transforming your idea or story into a script format.
Details coming soon!

Podcast Production

We will assist in finding talent, designing your soundscape, and stitching your podcast together with finished audio.
Details coming soon!

Distribution & Marketing

We will guide you through the process of hosting, listing your feed to providers, and helping you market your podcast via social media and other outlets.
Details coming soon!

Featured Productions

Here are a few of the podcasts we’re currently proud to produce:

The following shows are audio dramas that are in production. All are works of fiction and any resemblance or likeness to real events or persons are purely unintentional and coincidental.

Boston Harbor Horror
A Coast Guardsman finds a strange artifact during a rescue that takes him below the surface of Boston and opens his eyes to the horrors that await him.

Multa Industries
Welcome to Multa Industries! We take you behind the scenes for a sneak peak inside our exciting projects that would make a certain celebrity coyote proud!

The following recordings have been made available for the public interest following the incidents related to the use of the new navigation app, Wander. They are compiled from the experiences and recordings of the victims and personal files from the various police departments. Any listeners who have information should contact your local authorities immediately. Listener discretion is advised.

Lookout! Rhode Island
Totally real broadcast from the factually present and not made up island community of Lookout Pointe, RI. The recordings you are about to hear, actually happened. (Probably)
Population: 314.159
Proud Home of Second Runner Up Girls Dodgeball Team 1987
Be sure to visit our world class gazebo! - Lookout Pointe Chamber of Commerce